Problem-Based Learning: Authentic Tasks to Engage Students

Presenter: Patrick Higgins
Description: What would it mean to design a curriculum that is truly engaging? In this workshop, we will explore the power
of two approaches to curriculum. In narrative curriculum, students follow a story-line that unfolds over the course of a unit, building interest as the story unfolds. And in problem-driven learning, students identify and solve compelling problems that become more complex and intriguing over time.

Web 2.0 Tools: Prezi

Presenter: Joanna Moschetti
Description: Learn how to make your lessons come to life by using this free web 2.0 tool. Participants will create a Prezi by choosing from a multitude of templates or by letting their creativity soar and developing their own design.

No money! No problems! Alternative Solutions To Expensive Instructional Technology!

Presenter: Michael Koskinen
Description: How frustrating can it be as a teacher to see a delightful piece of technology you want to use in your class, but then the price tag for that technology is discovered! In this world of tight education budgets sometimes you may not be able to use what you really want to. In this session learn about free (to very cheap) alternative options for some of the big technologies that you may have already heard of.

Come On In, The Water Is Fine!

Presenter: Christopher J. Nesi
Description: The power of social media can and should be harnessed to enhance communication with your students,
colleagues, school, and local community. Participate in a hands-on session, appropriate for beginners and experts, where you will learn how to incorporate social media into your classroom and professional development goals.

An Introduction to LiveBinder

Presenter: Christopher J. Nesi
Description: How to create a LiveBinder. A LiveBinder can be thought of as a three ring binder that is saved online.Participants will create their own personal LiveBinder using websites and other online resources.

iPad Apps for ELLs

Presenter: Ellina Chernobilsky
Description: Different apps geared to English Language Learners will be discussed at the workshop. Teachers will have a chance to experience the apps first hand and will brainstorm how these apps can help in lesson delivery and differentiation for the ELL students in a classroom.

Early Childhood Literacy in a Digital World

Presenter: Carolyn Bennett
Description: Participants at this session will learn to enhance emergent literacy skills with technology. Learn to create and adapt lesson activities on the SMART Board based on early childhood literacy standards for large and small group settings and individual students. Create audio digital stories utilizing SMART Notebook software which can be manipulated on the SMART Board and printed as books for students to read and share.

ā€œIā€ is for iPad

Presenter: Betsy Hannon
Description: The iPad is not a substitute for good teaching, but it can act as an aid to help the teacher make a subject more exciting for the child. We will be going over the basics of using the iPad and how to make the classroom a more exciting learning environment.

The Magic of Aurasma

Presenter: Wayne Rush
Description: Discover how to use this free app in your classroom to make pictures come alive. Students will be able to make their own auras and share them with each other. Imagine focusing your iPhone, iPad, or Android device on a book cover and suddenly see a student talking about that story. See how students are using this in their classrooms.